My Story

I was born in a lower-middle-class family in Karachi. My father was a taxi driver by profession. I was leading a life similar to many other middle-class families till an incident happened my father, the sole breadwinner for my family had a heart attack in 2010. At that time I was studying commerce at the University of Karachi.
I had to abandon the full-time undergraduate program and switched to a private part-time one, along with taking up the breadwinning role for my family. During this time, I took many different jobs including working as a dishwasher, part-time teacher, graphics designer, etc. Off my entire daily schedule, I was able to give a little time to my education. However, despite all the difficulties I persisted with my education and gave the examination. When the graduation results were announced, I stood 7th from all over Karachi as a private candidate. Doing some post-analysis, I discovered that educational success doesn’t depend upon putting in lots of hours. Instead, there are some smart techniques that I had used that have enabled me to perform well. This idea laid the foundation for my organization named “U Training & Consulting” in 2011.

In 2015, after completing my MBA, I started marketing consulting one-to-one business coaching for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

In 2017, a major breakthrough came in when I introduced my online course “Earn Smart” at a reduced cost. This course assists individuals in managing their personal finance. This enabled me to expand my customer base to include those who cannot afford on-site training and also allowed me to grasp international clients as well.

I have also assisted Suleman Ahmer from TMI in consulting and training a few organizations like Saman e Shifa, Eduwise, Denim Prive, MEW, Faisal Industries, and Shaddock Developers, DMG, etc.